Body Restoration Technique (BRT)

The body has two major communication networks that allow its organs, tissues, and glands to operate in an efficient manner. One of these is the nervous system which transferes information from one part of the body to another via nerves. The nervous system is an electrochemical conducting network that transmits messages from the brain through the nerves to locations throughout the body. While your nervous system uses electricity to orchestrate all sorts of things in your body, your endocrine system does even more through the wonder of chemicals. Endocrine glands make chemicals called hormones that travel throughout your body to deliver messages. Endocrine glands spew their hormones directly into your bloodstream! You're not likely to be aware that all these chemicals are traveling to all parts of your body. But they are, and they're acting as chemical messengers. "Hormone" means to "excite" or "spur on" and that's exactly what hormones do. They cause other things to start happening. It's as if they were keys that not only unlock the doors to other activities, but also regulate those other activities that they've initiated.

In recent years, some scientists have proposed that chemicals might be disrupting the endocrine system (glands and hormones) of humans and wildlife. Hormones that are made and secreted by the glands of the body into the bloodstream, and the receptor sites in the various target organs and tissues (that act as a port for the hormones to dock into) are severely affected by these chemicals. A variety of chemicals are known to disrupt the endocrine systems of animals in laboratory studies. These disruptors end up blocking the sites where the various hormones of the body attach to. This doesn't allow for the body's hormonal message to be delivered properly. When this happens, various organs and glands end up working harder while their production decreases. Symptoms of disease and illness can often follow. The term used for these man-made hormone mimickers is Endocrine Disruptors. Compelling evidence shows that the endocrine systems of certain fish, wildlife and humans have been affected by chemical contaminants, which resulted in abnormal development and impaired reproductive systems of these organisms. As scientific research on endocrine disruption has advanced, the scope of the research has broadened significantly. The list of hormonally active compounds is longer than anyone had previously imagined in the early days of the research. Click here to see a list of chemicals that have been implicated thus far. Not only are more compounds involved, but more of the body's hormone systems are now known to be vulnerable. And within each hormonal system, new mechanisms of interaction between compounds and receptor systems are being explored to understand how a compound exerts its effects.

Body Restoration Technique (BRT) is a technique that tests for and removes various endocrine disruptors in the body, allowing for the endocrine system to deliver and receive it's messages properly. BRT is a fairly new procedure which is fast becoming widely used by health care practitioners who recognize that the body is more than the sum of its parts. It's a system of health care that is truly state-of-the-art in removing endocrine disruptors from the body, thus allowing the endocrine system to work with much more ease. When this system is out of balance, symptoms develop and health deteriorates. Many factors affect the body's state of balance. When the endocrine system is out of balance, it becomes exhausted. Many symptoms such as pain and disease often develop.

It is important to understand that everything the body does is designed for the purpose of survival. It isn't designed to be sick or healthy. It is designed to survive the conditions of the moment, and it deals with these conditions by responding to the greatest threat to survival first. We call this top priority. You may feel terrible, but your body is doing the best it can under the circumstances that you provide for it. If something isn't done to update the current status of the threat, it may keep responding over and over until that particular system becomes exhausted. That's when you have symptoms like pain or disease. BRT updates physical and emotional memory.

The initial concern in endocrine disruption had focused on contaminants capable of interfering with hormones, especially estrogen. But hormone disruption is not limited to estrogenic compounds nor the estrogen receptor site. To begin with, scientists have learned that there is more than one estrogen receptor. Further, the mechanisms of disruption are diverse and complex; a compound may mimick the actions of a hormone or interfere or block the actions of a hormone; it may alter the transport of a hormone; or it may bind to more than one hormone receptor.

The body always tries to keep a delicate balance of hormones and can become greatly disturbed by an external overload of toxic materials. The liver is supposed to deactivate this toxin but apparently this does not appear to be happening in the majority of cases.

Working with this point of view, using an alternative non-invasive technique to restore hormone function can bring favorable results. Before people could see results from a variety of ailments and diseases, we had to first remove toxins, and then restore the hormones and glands. We've had people, after eliminating certain imbalances to the body's hormone function, see a reduction in sysmptoms - (reduced hot flashes, improved digestion, increased body temperature, increased ablity to lose weight, decreased cravings to sweets, reduced cholesterol, increased bone density, improved digestion, decreased depression, decreased prostate swelling, improved mobility to joints, decreased blood pressure as well as many more incredible results.

Body Restoration Technique (BRT) uses the knowledge of the acupuncture meridians (energy pathways) and muscle response testing to assist in neutralizing the adverse effects of toxins in the body. It also helps to balance hormones and restore gland function. BRT is a method of repairing the harmful damage that these hormones have done to our bodies. When we applied the Body Restoration Technique with attempts to clean up excess endocrine disruptors in the liver, thyroid, heart, adrenals, pancreas, ovary and prostate the results were excellent. It became more and more evident that the real cause of these problems may involve synthetic hormones.

When we apply Body Restoration Technique (BRT) to look for specific toxins and hormones in the various glands and organs of the body, results can be quick - most people notice improvement the next day. It is becoming more and more apparent that the true cause of many health problems today involve an excessive toxic material blocking hormone function. With Body Restoration Technique (BRT), we can now help to balance hormones in the body naturally and quickly.